Engineering thermoplastics: Prices in China are rising across the board

Baspar / IranPolymer Engineering thermoplastics prices rose across the board in the Chinese market in November 2020. PA 6, PA 6.6 and POM increased significantly due to the low supply and normal demand. The plus in ABS was also high. The background was high demand, low supply and a more stable styrene price, as reported by the plastics information industry service in the current online report. PC was driven higher by a tight supply and a higher price for bisphenol A. The upward momentum in the PMMA market was less pronounced, but nonetheless prices rose in step with MMA, while PBT was driven higher by high demand and firmer BDO and PTA quotations.

The picture for December is mixed. The scarce supply could drive the prices for POM and PA 6.6 further up, while a sideways or downward trend is expected for the other engineering thermoplastics.

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