Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) experts from Huntsman have revealed the innovative materials that they will be promoting at this year’s Chinaplas, which opens in Shanghai today. Designed to help improve the production and performance of many different everyday items, the products include.
  • For the wire and cable industry – IROGRAN® A78P4766 and IROGRAN® A89P5012DP: With outstanding physical properties – including excellent fire resistance – these TPUs are easy to process and color, and are ideal for jacketing power cables used to charge electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • For the manufacture of waterproof clothing – IROGRAN® PS455-218, IROGRAN® PS 456-202 and IROGRAN® CA116-201 TPUs: Created for use in outer garments, these TPUs combine excellent weathering and tear resistance with a soft touch – helping clothing producers develop durable, waterproof fabrics that are also incredibly comfortable to wear.
  • For the production of casual shoes – AVALON® 65AB and IROGRAN® A65 P4324N TPUs: Ideal for manufacturing outsoles, these TPUs deliver good surface definition and abrasion resistance, outstanding flexibility, and excellent slip and hydrolysis resistance – properties that make them popular with casual footwear manufacturers worldwide.
  • For use in trainers and other casual footwear – AVALON® 90 AHT and AVALON® 95 AHT TPUs: With excellent UV resistance, these transparent TPUs are resilient against yellowing – making them a must for sports shoes and trainers, which often feature decorative parts. They are also abrasion and scratch resistant, and can be color matched to other substrates.
  • For creating dispensing and conveying equipment for food and drink processing – IROGRAN® A 85 P 4394 FCM, IROGRAN® A 80 P 5039 FCM, IROGRAN® A 85 E 4993 FCM, IROGRAN® A 92 E 5670 FCM and IROGRAN® A 92 P 4637 FCM TPUs: Qualified for food contact applications these TPUs can be extruded to create hoses, tubes, belts and films used in food processing and packing plants as well as supermarkets. Easy to process and stable during manufacture, these materials offer excellent physical properties. Resistant to water, they are easy to clean. They are also flexible at low temperatures, a necessity in cold storage environments.
  • For the manufacture of elevators  IROGRAN® A95P5044 & AVALON® 95AB: These robust TPUs can be used to help create timing and drive belts that keep elevators running in high-rise buildings. Low abrasion loss, excellent shock absorption and good fatigue and weather resistance, characterize these TPUs.
  • For the automotive industry – IROGRAN® A92P4637 and IROGRAN® A85P4394: Excellent weather and heat resistance are just two of the physical properties that make these easy-to-process products ideal for use in anti-brake locking system (ABS) applications.

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