JianTai launches new machine to boost plastic recycling efficiency

Iranpolymer/Baspar  China-headquartered plastic recycling equipment manufacturer JianTai has launched a new machine, designed to improve plastic recycling efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

The machine is equipped with advanced extrusion technology and features an energy-saving servo option alongside a user-friendly programmable logical controller (PLC) system.

JianTai’s new machine boasts a single-screw, double-stage extrusion system, which optimises energy consumption and maximises output.

With a 120mm-diameter screw and a 28:1 length-to-diameter ratio, it ensures the uniform melting of plastics for efficient recycling, achieving a production capacity of up to 300kg per hour.

The machine’s PLC touchscreen system also simplifies the recycling process, enhancing safety and stability.

According to JianTai, the machine is suitable for various plastic materials and installation at both manufacturing plants and recycling centres.


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