Coca-Cola: Beverage company increases RE PET share

Baspar / Iran polymer The soft drink multinational is increasingly relying on the use of RE PET in its one-way deposit bottles and is reporting further progress in its sustainability efforts: The PET bottles of the brands “ViO”, “Fuze Tea” and “Powerade” are currently being completely converted to RE PET. For all other brands, all bottles up to a size of 0.5 l as well as the 1.5 and 2 l containers will in future be made entirely of recyclate. This means that after around 40 percent last year, Coca-Cola in Germany has an RE share of around 70 percent this year.

“In this country, packaging accounts for around 27 percent of our CO 2 footprint; they are therefore at the center of our path to climate neutrality, ”said Tilmann Rothhammer, Managing Director Customer Service and Supply Chain at Coca-Cola European Partners Germany. In Germany, Coca-Cola will save around 57,000 tons of CO 2 this year through the changeover.

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