Innovative technologies in CHINAPLAS2017 steers global packaging industry towards weight reduction and sustainability

Iranpolymer- According to Baspar, as awareness and understanding of sustainability become ever more prevalent, the packaging industry is turning its focus toward ssustainable packaging. Lightweight and green packaging has become the bandwagon for the packaging industry to get on in order to balance ecological, economic and social needs. To cater for the demand of the packaging industry’s development, CHINAPLAS 2017 will bring to packaging professionals new technologies, materials and solutions from over the world to facilitate the migration towards lightweighting and sustainability.

CHINAPLAS 2017 will be held in China Import & Export Fair Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou, PR China on May 16 – 19, 2017. It will feature “intelligent manufacturing, high-tech materials and green solutions” with advanced plastics machinery, materials and technologies all found in a 250, 000+ sq. meter exhibition area from over 3,300 renowned suppliers.

CHINAPLAS 2017 to present lightweight packaging solutions from industrial leaders

Lightweight plastic packaging requires less resin in the extrusion molding process, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also able to effectively reduce the cost of materials.Visitors will find a vast variety of new materials that facilitate to lightweight packaging from leading suppliers such as Dow and UROLA.

The enhanced expanded polyethylene (EPE) foam solution developed by Dow gives high level of cushion performance and abuse resistance. With tailored LDPE/LLDPE blends and exceptional processability, this new foam solution achieves new levels of down weighting and downgauging. Savings up to 15% can be made on raw material costs in unit packaging while providing the same or better protective performance.

In addition, UROLA will be displaying a ROTARY extrusion blown moulding machine which can produce bottles from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). Bottles produced have a very high consistency,with weight reduction averaging to 5% and energy consumption decreased by 30%. This technology produces minimum material wastes and occupies very little floor space without compromise in surface finish, material distribution and consistency.

High barrier film and multi-layer co-extrusion technology in CHINAPLAS 2017

With the growth in demand for domestic food packaging and agricultural films,the packaging industry needs a variety of high-performingand specialized packaging solutions, such as those that can maintain freshness ofperishable food and dairy products and extend shelf-lives of products.This trend calls for high barrier propertymaterials and advanced film manufacturing technologies.

BYK will be launching its newly-developed unique additive BYKO2BLOCK-1200 in CHINAPLAS 2017. This additiveis based on platelet-forming modified clay and was developed especially for use in food packaging films. The separated platelets are distributed equally in the polymer matrix, thereby reducing the permeability to gases and water vapour. A small quantity of the additive can lead to a significant improvement in the barrier property while maintainingstable mechanical propertiesand transparency. Moreover, it can also improve heat deformability.

The POD technology, developed by MACCHI SPA,which will be launched in CHINAPLAS 2017, allows for the production of better, thinner, stronger and cheaper multi-layer PE films. The fivelayer structure materials have excellent optical performance and can improve appearance and sealing properties. The secondary sandwich layer materials can provide higher mechanical strength and allow easy downgauging.

CHINAPLAS 2017 to showcase biodegradable plastics in a kaleidoscope of applications

Featuring degradable property and regenerative raw materials instead of petroleum, biodegradable plastics have, within a short period, become the alternative for traditional plastics in the quest towards sustainable and green packaging. Biodegradable plastics aremainly utilized in plastic packaging film, agricultural film, disposable plastic bags and disposable plastic tableware; with increasing demands, biodegradable plastics have promising prospects. CHINAPLAS 2017 will showcase some significantadvances in this field.

Taikang POF(polyolefin) heat shrink films, developed by Shandong Taikang Biodegradable Packing Materials Co.Ltd., will debut in the upcoming CHINAPLAS. It is currently one of the most advanced environmental friendly plastic packaging materials with higher tearing sound toughness and high anti-impact strength.

REVERDIA will showcase its biosuccinium succinic acid in CHINAPLAS 2017. Biosuccinium is the first non-fossil feedstock derived chemical building block that allows customers in the chemical industry to choose a bio-based alternative with a lower eco-footprint for a broad range of applications, from packaging to footwear.

Poly propylene carbonate (PPC), developed by Jilin Boda Oriental New Material Co., Ltd.,is a biodegradable plastic resin of recycled greenhouse gas CO2, and is prepared by polymerization using carbon dioxide and propylene oxide. It can find uses in a wide variety of plastic markets to replace traditional resins such as PE, PP and PA,providing a new and comprehensive solution to sustainability and plastic pollution worldwide.

Professionals from upstream and downstream industries join forces for the future of packaging industry

So far, several leading suppliers from packaging industry have confirmed to exhibit in CHINAPLAS 2017, including BASF, DuPont, Dow, Mitsubishi Chemical, Kingfa, Kuraray,Milliken, Clariant,NatureWorks,Arburg, Engel, Tech-long, Han King, Jinming, Jwelletc. Meanwhile, a vast number of leading end-user enterprises have preregistered to visit CHINAPLAS 2017, including Danone, Coca Cola,P&G, Colgate, Amway, Essel Propack, Bemis, to name but a few.

In addition to the cutting edge exhibits on the show floor, the organizer will also hold three concurrent events:the 2ndIndustry 4.0 Conference”, “Design x Innovation” and the3rd Medical Plastics Conference”. What is noteworthy is that thePackaging 4.0 Technology Seminar will be held in the2ndIndustry 4.0 Conference” and it will bring advanced technologies in line with Industry 4.0 to the packaging industry. Moreover, technical seminars such as China Blister Industry Technology Summit Forum,Barrie Property of Food Contact Materials Seminarwill also be presented for local and overseas visitors, offering them a wonderful experience in an effective and efficient communication platform.

One-day passes can be purchased at RMB 30 each, while four-day passes cost RMB 50 each. To enjoy free admission, please pre-register on or before May 9, 2017 more information on CHINAPLAS 2017, please visit

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