Chinaplas 2017: Iran wants to develop its masterbatch and compound market

According to Baspar interview, Omid Koushki, chairman of the board (COB) of Iran Masterbatch and Compound Producer Association, explained about attendance of this association in Chinaplas 2017.
Production capacity of different kinds of compound and masterabtch is anticipated about one million tons in Iran but unfortunately only 20-25% of this capacity is active. Of course economical stagnancy caused many problems in this market. Although Iran has a relative good situation in petrochemical and polymer industries, these advantages haven’t effected on compound and masterbatch industries. After a long discussion about these subjects in association, members decided to make strategies about export programs, finally. Of course for achieving to this target, cooperation of different departments such as: ministry of foreign affairs, ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, Tehran chamber of Commerce industries mines and agriculture, … is necessary. Many years ago this procedure was followed in another part of the industry, Petrochemical field. About 20 years ago, statistic showed that not only sale of the petroleum don’t have enough advantage but also it is the time to make a way to adding more value for raw materials so petrochemicals were started with considerable capacity. Nowadays, Iranian petrochemical are active with suitable capacity. This plan was successful because of completely support of government. Now, this strategy must be followed by compound and mastrerbatch producer.
Approximately 6 million tons of polymeric material were produced in Iranian petrochemical complex and about half of this capacity was used in Iran and rest of them was exported to foreign countries. Whiles compound and masterbatch producer can add considerable value to this raw material (polymer) and make a good market for exports (of course with suitable cost and more profitable situations).
The main goal of the association is to expand competition market with different foreign companies. Few years ago, Turkey experienced the same situation and found many successes in compound and masterbatch industries so it could be repeated in the same situation in Iran. 
What is important in Chinaplas 2017 is the Iran's pavilion. masterbatch and compound producer association's pavilion is about 120 m2 and 5 members of the association will attend to introduce 80 products of the association there. For better introduction, a catalogue has prepared in English and China that will explain more about characteristic of products, address and phone number of producer.
For attendance in Chinaplas, from a few months ago, discussion and meeting were held by Iran's embassy in China. Finally, possibility of attendance in Chinaplas 2017 was prepared.
Final question of Baspar, will this procedure be followed for attendance in international exhibition? 
All of the international exhibitions are linked to each other so the best way is that an organization accept the responsibility of arrangements like directors of Iran's international exhibition co., Koushki said. It means that reservation of pavilion, time, … will be done by Iran international exhibition company as Iran representative. Up to now this procedure hasn’t happened and the situation is a little complex. For example, a company with central office in Arabia is the Iran's representative in Chinaplas.
Finally koushki is inviting all of the experts who are active in Plastic industry to visit pavilion of Iran Masterbatch and Compound Producer Association in Chinaplas 2017. 

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