Sidel Launches Ultra-Small, Ultra-Light PET Bottle for Liquid Dairy Drinks

Iranpolymer/Baspar  The latest lightweight PET bottle and preform design from Sidel is aimed at drinkable and probiotic yogurts in sizes from 65 to 150 ml and is suitable for ambient and cold-chain processes. The new small bottle could also be used for juice, nectar, soft drinks, isotonics and tea.

The global yogurt and probiotic market is predicted to grow at 9.3% from 2023 to 2030, aided by PET’s food-grade bottle-to-bottle recyclability and cost savings that Sidel pegs at up to 20% when switching from HDPE.

Sidel claims best-in-class bottle weights of 3.9 g for a 100-ml extended shelf-life bottle and 5.4 g for a 100-ml aseptic bottle, achieved through a dedicated preform design. The new bottles are qualified for 100% rPET and also enable energy-saving low blowing pressure below 15 bar. The new preform design reportedly ensures a wide process window, even with reduced heating zones.

In addition, the new bottles are compatible with Sidel’s Aseptic Combi Predis FMa aseptic system with dry preform decontamination. The bottle is suitable for production speeds up to 66,000 bph, according to the company.


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