• فروردین- 1403 -
    27 فروردین
    a microbial plastic fa

    A microbial plastic factory for high-quality green plastic

    Iranpolymer/Baspar  Engineered bacteria can produce a plastic modifier that makes renewably sourced plastic more processable, more fracture-resistant and highly biodegradable even in seawater. The Kobe University development provides a platform for the industrial-scale, tunable production of a material that holds…

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  • مرداد- 1402 -
    15 مرداد

    The niche called bioplastics is growing

    Iranpolymer/ Baspar  Plastic contributes considerably to global greenhouse gas emissions. In 2022, plastics produced 1.9 billion tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (3.5% of total global emissions), with 90% of this emission coming from plastic production, conversion from fossil fuels,…

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