Additives for Improved Processability of Polymers/Corbion’s Polymer Additives Product Line Receives Halal & Kosher Certification

Corbion has been awarded halal and kosher certification for variants of itsPATIONIC® polymer additives product line. Part of an extensive range, Corbion's PATIONIC portfolio is used as antistats, lubricants, acid/catalyst neutralizers, dispersants, mold release agents, processing aids and antifogging agents, and improves the processability of polymers and final product performance in the polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC and engineering thermoplastics industries.

Halal is one of the fastest growing consumer segments in the world – expanding beyond food to include pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and packaging. Meanwhile, for some export countries such as Indonesia and the Middle East, halal certification is a must. Now, with halal certification of individual products within our PATIONIC range, we can provide our customers with a solution to develop complete halal products, right down to the raw materials used to create the packaging,” comments Mick Potenza, Sales Manager, at Corbion.

Granted by the Islamic Food & Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA), the halal certification is recognized globally, meaning Corbion's customers can meet consumer demand for halal products and packaging all over the world.

Mick Potenza continues: “In parallel, the increased industrialization of food production has boosted demand for kosher certification in recent years. In fact, kosher was the most popular claim to be featured on food packaging in the US in 2015 – a trend which appears to be growing globally. However, until recently, little attention has been paid to kosher status of packaging materials. Today, we're seeing increasing demand from organizations for packaging to be kosher, alongside the foods within them.”

Widely requested across the food industry, food companies not only want their ingredients to be kosher, but the packaging too. Certified by the global association, Orthodox Union (OU/Circle U), Corbion's PATIONIC portfolio is authorized as kosher pareve around the world, allowing food manufacturers to ensure their entire product is completely kosher.

Based on glycerol ester, lactate and stearoyl lactylate chemistries, Corbion's PATIONIC portfolio of products provides manufacturers with high-performance, safe, and now certified, biobased solutions that meet specific customer needs globally.

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