Attendance in China market

According to Baspar report, The most important element in NoAvaran Baspar Company is quality of the products. Masoomi, managing director of compounding company of NoAvaran Baspar, said it. Also Masoomi is a professor in chemical engineering faculty of Isfahan University of technology.

In this interview, Masoomi is explaining more about different reasons and target of Noavaran Baspar attendance in Chinaplas 2017 exhibition. According to his explanation, NoAvaran Baspar is an important producer of masterbatch and compound. Polymeric masterbatch of this company is used in pipe and drip irrigation.

Chinese companies recognized NoAvaran Baspar Company by internal (Chinese) companies. Chinese companies used products of Noaavaran Baspar and are satisfied so this Iranian company has had considerable orders from Chinese companies since 2015.

Considerable demand in China market is a good reason for attendance of this company in Chinaplas 2017. It's the first time that NoAvaran Baspar will attend in Chinaplas so at the first step, it is important to know market and possibility of the competition with Chinese companies and of course the situation of export to China. These parameters must be recognized completely and they will be possible by attendance in Chinaplas.

The major target of this company is the direct attendance in china and follows the export program. Nowadays, considerable capacity of products are used in Iranian market but increasing the capacity of production and attend to foreign market is the main program of NoAvaran Baspar company. According to these explanation, one of the most important of these markets is China because of considerable economic growth and of course population. What is important about the attendance of this company in China is the quality of the NoAvaran Baspar products that are comparable with the same Chinese products and is the main ability of the NoAvaran Baspar Company.

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