Polyamides: DuPont declares global force majeure

IRANPOLYMER/BASPAR The numerous failures of pre-product plants in the value chains of essential engineering thermoplastics force DuPont (Wilmington, Delaware / USA) to declare force majeure for their own products. From Monday, February 22, 2021, DuPont will initially stop all deliveries and only resume them after careful consideration of the situation and the necessary allocation decisions.

According to the “Mobility & Materials” division, products of the “Zytel” (polyamides) brands including the “HTN” materials, “Crastin” (PBT), “Rynite” (polyester), “Selar” (PA) products are particularly affected. Barrier materials), “Minlon” (PA 6.6 GF) and “Pipelon” (PA 6.12). With all of these base polymers and compounds there could be previously unforeseeable allocations that could occur in February and March as well as in the months thereafter. This gives the already counted polyamide line another blow.

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