New PPSU slot liner films range for enhanced electric motor efficiency

Iranpolymer/Baspar Syensqo has announced the extension of its Ajedium Films offering for slot liners in electric motors to a range of polyphenylene sulfone (PPSU) based products developed to replace conventional paper slot liners in motors up to 400V.

“The challenge with many paper and paper laminate slot liners in medium to low-voltage e-motors is two-fold,” explains Brian Baleno, Head of Automotive Marketing at Syensqo Materials. “High moisture sensitivity requires additional humidity management, and quite often they must be deducted in a secondary step after insertion to remove excess scrap. Our new Ajedium PPSU slot liner films eliminate both of these issues, while also offering durable mechanical performance, including high stiffness to prevent breakage during assembly.”

In contrast to incumbent NKN (aramid paper and polyimide film) laminates, Ajedium PPSU films can help manufacturers reduce the thickness of slot liners by more than 42%, which maximizes the possible copper slot fill. In addition, PPSU slot liners require less energy throughout the manufacturing process, and their carbon footprint can be further reduced with optional grades using ISCC Plus mass balance certified circular feedstock.

The extended Ajedium slot liner films portfolio underscores Syensqo’s leading role as an innovator in this market segment, responding to a growing trend towards greater sustainability and energy efficiency. The company is now offering advanced slot liner material solutions across the entire power range from below 400V to above 800V.

Syensqo will introduce the new Ajedium PPSU slot liner films from May 14 to 16, 2024, during the global Coil Winding, Insulation & Electrical Manufacturing Exhibition (CWIEME) in Berlin at Booth 42F27.


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