Polyurethane: enormous price increase for isocyanates continues

IranPolymer/ Baspar  While the price increase for MDI products was still halfway within limits in October, another record peak was seen for TDI. The seller’s market brings tears to the eyes of buyers. Anyone who wanted quantity had to pay every fantasy price, especially for smaller purchases. In some places, prices close to the 5,000 EUR / t mark were demanded – and paid. The start-up of the plant in Ludwigshafen provided a glimmer of hope, although the force majeure has not yet been lifted. This is reported by the plastics information industry service (KI, Bad Homburg) in the current online report.
In addition to the failures in Europe, the main reason for the continued bottlenecks is the situation in the USA, where in some cases less than half of the plants are still producing. The outflow to export was therefore often the decisive factor for the bottleneck in Europe. However, there are at least signs of a cautious calm in the market, so that future inflation could slow down.

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