Russia sanctions hit Plastic Industry with varying degrees of severity

Baspar / Iranpolymer Good news has been in short supply since Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine began. After the atrocities in the Kiev suburb of Bucha, the EU has now decided on further sanctions against the aggressor.
The extent to which the existing trade restrictions are affecting the business of Europe plastics processors cannot be clearly determined. Inquiries to a number of companies active on the Russian market came to nothing. Most companies that do business in or with Russia do not want to comment publicly on the subject – for fear of criminal consequences for their local employees.

It is only spoken behind closed doors, if at all. A German importer of technical thermoplastics reports that the activities of plastics companies have not yet been sanctioned per se. Deliveries to and from Russia continued –  under difficult conditions: the costs had tripled, the trucks were sometimes stuck at the Polish border for up to four days when they entered Germany, and the credit cards of the Russian truck drivers had been working since the middle March no more.

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