Sustainable, chemically-recycled ABS resin for kitchen appliance components

Iranpolymer/Baspar  BSH Home Appliances has selected a sustainable, chemically-recycled ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) resin by ELIX Polymers for the stand, arm and various components of the latest Stand Mixer by BOSCH. ELIX Polymers has developed a specialised, tailor-made ABS P3H-AT CR25 in several colours with a 25% content of certified raw materials (bio-circular styrene). The carbon footprint of this material can therefore be reduced by 21% compared to the traditional raw material.

P3H-AT has several properties that meet the high requirements of a stand mixer. In a busy kitchen environment, it provides excellent impact resistance and, combined with excellent construction, a high level of stability while kneading heavy bread dough. Subject to thorough cleaning routines after baking sessions over years, the material provides high chemical resistance and contains an anti-static additive. To meet the expectations of high quality and design with a focus on details, the material offers a high gloss finish. It has been an outstanding success thanks to the close cooperation between BSH and ELIX Polymers’ technical departments, which have been working together for many years on various products.

E-LOOP CR products are manufactured using sustainable and certified raw materials that incorporate circular and bio-based feedstocks. These products are certified according to ISCC+ and the mass balance model is used to ensure traceability and transparency throughout the supply chain. Different combinations of feedstocks are possible as there are different sources for the main three monomers: fossil fuel-based feedstocks, chemically-recycled post-consumer waste and bio-based feedstocks. All products from the ELIX Polymers portfolio can be produced as CR grade, including applications with the strictest requirements, such as food contact, light colours and even medical parts. The material properties remain the same, so there is no need for new material approvals and all the available technical data can be used.


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