Verification of TPE solutions with recycled content

Iranpolymer/Baspar KRAIBURG TPE has recently obtained the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification for selected thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) solutions. This milestone caters to various industries including personal care, household appliances, wearables, and consumer electronics.

In response to the growing demand for more sustainable solutions in the plastics industry, KRAIBURG TPE has taken proactive steps to provide customers with alternatives. The GRS certification ensures that these alternatives meet stringent social and environmental criteria throughout the production process, including the use of GRS-certified raw materials and seamless traceability in the supply chain.

Utilizing GRS-certified recycling based TPE compounds offers numerous benefits for both customers and KRAIBURG TPE. The certification complies with international environmental and social standards. This supports sustainability initiatives and aligns with global climate targets.

The GRS certification for KRAIBURG TPE recycling based materials confirms:

– The chemicals used comply with international regulations and standards to ensure product safety.

– Externally verified recycling content.

– Complete traceability in the supply chain, enhancing transparency and accountability.

– Transition from fossil-based to more sustainable raw materials, consequently reducing the carbon footprint.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, KRAIBURG TPE will gradually increase the use of recycled materials in its products, further reducing its carbon footprint compared to its counterparts produced using virgin materials.

The company ensures that all necessary measures are taken to maintain product quality and processing equipment, ensuring a simplified transition for customers.

The GRS-certified recycling based TPE compounds are tailored to industries where the benefits of more sustainable materials are most significant, including personal care, household appliances, wearables, and consumer electronics.

KRAIBURG TPE is dedicated to supporting its partners and customers on their sustainability journey, driving an improved environmental and social impact while delivering high-quality solutions.

With the GRS certification, KRAIBURG TPE reaffirms its commitment to innovation and more sustainability, empowering customers with choices for their sustainability application. Build a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Currently, the GRS certification is valid for recycling content products produced from KRAIBURG TPE’s production site in Malaysia.


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