MILACRON: Commercial production of PP-EVOH-based “Klear Can” begins / First transparent cans containing fruit to become available in Q1 2017

By Q1 2017 at the latest, the first-to-market clear plastic can will hit supermarket shelves. Developed by Milacron, the “Klear Can” technology is claimed to be “the first truly transformational innovation in the canned food preservation industry’s nearly 200-year history.” The patented, co-injection moulded can consists of PP and an EVOH layer, and is fully recyclable. With “crystal clear transparency”, it allows brand owners to demonstrate their product quality to consumers at the store itself.
Although it has a small metal ring on its upper rim, Klear Can is microwavable, Milacron said, adding that the can provides more than two years of shelf life. The container is completely BPA-free and uses the same filling, seaming and retorting machinery as metal cans, meaning little downstream investment is required. Another benefit of the technology, Milacron says, is that manufacturers can actually mould the cans at the filling site itself, through “hole-in-the-wall” operations. The can is capable of withstanding standard retort pressures and temperatures of up to 130 °C. Apart from that, it is lightweight, stackable and dent-resistant, Milacron said.

Now that an unnamed large brand owner has decided to begin commercial production, Klear Cans containing tropical fruits are expected to become available in Q1 2017 at the latest, Milacron said.

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