Versatile portfolio of flame-retardant PP compounds

Iranpolymer/Baspar Sirmax North America will highlight its broad portfolio of flame-retardant polypropylene (PP) compounds at the NPE 2024 exhibition May 6-10 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. (Booth #S34027). The multi-family line of halogen-free FR PP materials carry UL Yellow Card certification and are available in a range of colors for electrical/electronics applications.

Sirmax reports strong demand for its FR PP compounds in the U.S. as end users and processors move increasingly to non-halogenated alternatives. In addition, Sirmax sees growing business opportunities in the U.S. due to disinvestment by at least one main competitive producer of FR PP compounds.

“The movement to non-halogenated alternatives is unmistaken and we’re positioned to meet the needs of the market with an extensive lineup of FR PP options that are versatile, easier to process than engineering plastics, and performance-driven,” said Lorenzo Ferro, U.S. country manager for Sirmax Group. The flame-retardant grades are also being considered as an environmentally friendly alternative to polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Sirmax offers the Dafnelen® family of homopolymer and copolymer FR PP compounds that are unfilled. They exhibit strong mechanical and electrical properties, with a UL flame retardant rating of V0 at 0,8 mm and 5VA at 1,6 mm. Dafnelen® grades carry a UL Yellow Card certification and are available in a range of colors.

Meanwhile, the company offers the Dafneglass® family of glass-reinforced FR PP materials with strong thermal, impact, and stiffness properties, while meeting the standards of the automotive and household appliance industries. Dafneglass® grades have a UL V0 rating at a test thickness of 0.8-mm. They come in glass loadings of 10%-30% and are available in a range of colors.

The Isoplen® family of unfilled FR PP compounds has a UL V2 rating at 1.5mm thickness. It is also available in all colors and targeted for less demanding end-use requirements.

Sirmax is working closely with end users and processors on a range of applications including meter sockets, sensor housings, connectors, power tools, electrical housings, and appliance devices. The company can also customize FR products to meet specific application requirements.


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